Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everyone Starts Small

May 6, 2009 -

I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and the challenge was for these contestants to finish a marathon. Run, jog or walk, no time limit...just finish. I made the comment how I can remember the day when a marathon seemed like such a monumental, life-changing task and now it just seems like a Saturday long big deal.

Then I realized that I didn't want to be that cocky Ironman guy that is only impressed with his own accomplishments and forgets to consider those of matter how small. When you train for Ironman, things like marathons and half marathons seem so minuscule and a 5k just seems like a waste of time to get all heated up for only 20 minutes.

But to the people doing them, starting out, accomplishing a dream, deciding to make a life change or whatever reason anyone does any sport or is a big deal. I should not be so quick to get arrogant at how small some of those things may seem, because I can still remember times back in the day where I thought finishing a 5k was going to kill me, I thought finishing that half marathon would have me barfing, and thought that the end of my marathon would never come.

And then my first sprint tri ever...before the cool gear, all the training, the endurance...there was me, on a rented bike, in board shorts, with a mountain bike helmet from target and basketball shorts for running. I was the nerdiest guy out there, ignorant to the sport, and what is a simple distance now, at the time seemed out of reach. The swim was a combination of every swim stroke imaginable. The bike was an eternity of no shifting or understanding of biking, and the run seemed to be three miles of certain death.

I guess what I'm saying is, as a community of endurance athletes, where after a few years comes with it, confidence, great gear, physique and toughness, we can never forget about how we got there....the very first step.....what it felt like....why we did it.....and that other's are doing that same thing now.

This is my effort to never be arrogant the next time someone wants to talk about training for a 5k race, but rather be nothing less than super excited and encouraging without the need to talk about any of my own physical endeavors, but let them have their moment because in the begining....for everyone....a 5k is an Ironman.

Day 126 Training Log - I had a 75 minute run today and of course I was reminded that I am back to that sweet Seattle spring weather. It was 50 degrees, moderately windy and pouring, dumping, spitting and throwing down rain....bah! In that hour and fifteen minutes I made it 9.16 miles at an 8:08 pace. This was a little slower than usual training pace, but coming off Wildflower I still was not ready to push it just yet. Despite the pouring rain, I had a great run. My legs felt solid, my lungs were rocking and I just kinda putted along. Good first run back.


  1. Great perspective! Whenever I look at the big picture I think of Team Hoyt.