Friday, January 9, 2009

The Activity of Inactivity

January 9, 2009 -

So today was not supposed to be a day off. I did pack my gym bag and planned on getting in another hour weight workout with 20 minutes of cardio following. The only catch was the whole work/kids thing. I have two young'ins (an almost 5 and a 1 and 1/2). Then I have this whole weird job thing. I have to go everyday and try to do some type work in the middle of my Ironman training.

However, today my wife had some extra work to do and I needed to get the kiddos at 2p when our nanny leaves. No problem. I can still get into work, do some, and sneaky deaky a lil visit to the gym around 11a. Then, still get back to work for an hour or so before I need to get the kiddos.

One mix the kiddo getting and the need to actually do work and there goes your secret plan to escape to the gym. Follow that by an afternoon of children entertaining, cooking and feeding etc and then the previous excitement to sneak in that whole workout thing is dead for today. Hard too, going into the weekend. I don't have a tremendous track record of weekend training; weekends are family time, when I'm in town.

However, just as last weekend, with this new training, things will modify and adapt so I expect to workout both Saturday and Sunday.....stay tuned.

Day 9 Training Log - So obviously no workout today. Well, one small exception to that. My wife was thinking about new year's resolutions for working out that were the simplest of simple...something that anyone could do. What she came up with was, starting January 1st you do one pushup, two situps, and one lunge (one each leg). Then you add one each day (except situps you add two), so by the 30th of January you would do 30 pushups, 60 situps, and 30 lunges (each leg), not sure what happens in February yet, if it keeps going or not. So tonight, on day 9, I will do that with her. 9 pushups, 18 situps, and 9 lunges (each leg). That should pretty much all but have me Ironman ready.....right?

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