Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Girl Likes To Party All The Time

January 25, 2009 -

My girl likes to party all the time
, party all the time, party all the tiiiiimme. Yeah...old school Eddie Murphy. So today I flew home from Dallas which, I was pre-assuming I would not work out as per most cases when I come home from a trip. I hug and play it out with the kiddos and then it's time to get our party on. Sometimes it's out to Redhook, sometimes to the Kirkland Waterfront or the Slip....but today, it was to Oddfellows. I love this place because it's NEVER least when we go in the middle of the day. As a parent this is critical because when no one is around, you can loose the grip on your children which, allows us to relax a little and get a chance to talk over nothing less than the most rad chili-dog west of the Mississippi....true story.

Day 25 Training Log - as you can imagine with the whole chili-dog thing and just flat out tired, as when I was getting up in Dallas to head to the airport, it was actually 2:30 am in Kirkland where everyone else was sleeping soundly. Anyway, I took the day off...duh. I'm sure this will be my last two-day off streak until after Ironman however, can't make any promises at this point, you never know when these things will pop-up. I do feel rested and ready to attack my last week of conditioning before official Ironman training starts one week from tomorrow.


  1. Your first sentence of this post made me laugh out loud - I remember this song on the radio. You are hilarious! I've been following your blog - IMCDA is my first too. See you there.

  2. So excited you found me. I was also excited to see all the other IMCDA blogs you are in touch with. I look forward to following you and all the others as this will more than likely take the strength and stories of everyone.