Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sasquatch Is Real!

January 18th, 2009 -

There are a lot of little things that need to take place in order to run longer distances comfortably, and they vary from person to person. However, each is critical and each is something that may not be noticed on a shorter run. Things like the famous nipple, thighs or underarm chaff, toenails issues, forgetting some chapstick or sweat band or hat, sun glasses, sports goo. Whatever it may be everyone has their things that bug when you start packing on the miles and, as I mentioned, you never notice these things in small distance runs, they only rear their ugly heads when you get into distance.

Well today was my day to remember what I forgot. It is gorgeous in Seattle right now, 50 degrees, clear and sunny, light breeze. It's my favorite weather to run in. So, there was nothing else I could do today except hit the long run. I haven't been running a lot of long distance since December when I did the Las Vegas half marathon so I decided to start slow and just go for 8 miles. Little did I know that I would feel so great, just hauling and loving the run.

However, around mile 6 I realized that I could not remember the last time I cut my toenails? Uh-oh. The last couple miles felt great but had the small annoyance of some type of stabbing feeling into one of my toes. I get home to find a bloody sock and some sasquatch resembling toenail....woops. Gonna have to stay on top of those little things from here on out.

Day 18 Training Log - So today I got out for an 8.2 mile run and I felt great. I ran a 7:40 pace and love this run because mile 1 and 5 are all downhill but mile 4 and 8 are all uphill and a pretty good grade at that. After the run I put in 4 x 15 on the perfect pushups mixing with 4 x 25 on Bosu crunches then I moved to 5 x 20 of Bosu leg lifts mixed with 5 x 20 of jump lunges. Great workout, great day.

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