Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lazy Days

January 15, 2009 -

Packed a gym bag into work today but just never quite had the motivation to make it in so I took a chillin day today. Actually a nice day. With the extra time I got a bunch more work done I was looking to catch up on, and had a nice lil lunch with some friends.

I never actually plan days off. Everyday I am ready and prepared to train in some way. That must be what makes those days off so fun, it is not planned but spontaneous and based on that day's circumstances. I am aiming for one day off a week but usually take two, so we will see how that shapes up in the coming weeks.

I'll be back in hittin it tomorrow, but until then I will savor the rest of today's inactivity.

Day 15 Training Log - Nada.......golden!

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