Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going Nowhere...But Fast

January 4th, 2009 -

I didn't feel much like riding my bike in the freezing cold today so I practiced the art of going nowhere fast spending some time on my bike trainer. I picked up the CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer about a month ago and didn't think I would like it much. I wanted to log the time on the bike this winter but getting outside in Seattle is tough with the whole rain thing. I expected to not get much of a workout but at least be consistent on the bike. Boy was I wrong. What I got was my ass handed to me. I tried to keep up with this hour long criterion race and think I may have almost died. I was drenched head to toe and worked! Needless to say I love the trainer and will have no problem keeping up on the bike when I can't get outside.

As for the bike, just before Christmas I bought my very first brand new tri bike. For the last four years I was riding a used K2 road bike that was trusty and faithful however was bulky, heavy and had none of the conveniences of the modern bikes today. So after about a year of looking around I ended up getting a Felt 2008 B12 tri bike. This thing is so dope. All carbon, brake lines run through the frame, rear brake is tucked down by the gears. The difference between riding the new Felt and my old K2 is unreal. It feels like it takes no effort and you just glide. I'm sure I won't feel exactly that way once I'm riding upwards of 100 miles in training, but for now it's nice.

I also picked up some Look KEO Carbon pedals and Specialized BG S-Works Road Shoe in white because white is fast. Both of these I love and compliment the bike nicely. Although all this tri stuff is so expensive having good gear really makes all the difference.

Training Log Day 4 - Needing to get on the bike but not wanting to ride in the freezing cold, I hopped on the bike trainer today for 60 minutes while I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I varied intensity between 70% and 90%. After the bike I also got in 4 x 25 of Bosu elbow to knee crunches.

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