Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

January 11, 2009 -

On a day when I expected to do a five mile easy run or else no workout at all, I ended up going to the gym (I'm so dope). My wife was going to yoga near my gym so I took the kiddos into the gym daycare and hit the weights. I NEVER go to the gym on the weekend but think I may make a habit out of it. The gym was dead, I had plenty of time and so I just hit it.

I always try to get two weight workouts a week in however, lately I've been getting only one due to the added cardio and ease of not doing weights of course. I suck at weights but can burn and hour in cardio no problem so I was pretty fired up about today. Felt good, looked good (of course), and got totally swoll. Soon I will be recruited to do calendars and underwear ads...I'm sure of it.

Day 11 Training Log - Today was a weight workout focusing on arms and back. I did 4 x 10 at 40lbs of hammer curls rotating with 4 x 10 at 80lbs of incline lever row. Then I moved to 4 x 10 at 70lbs of bicep curls rotating with 4 x 10 at 120lbs cable rows. Next I moved to 4 x 10 at 42.5lbs of tricep pull-downs rotating with 4 x 10 at 75lbs of shrugs. After the weights I moved over to abs where I did rotating sets of 4 x 25 of regular situps, 4 x 25 of leg lifts, and 4 x 25 of oblique twists with a 16lb medicine ball. Great workout today, I felt solid and strong.

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