Saturday, January 10, 2009

Push It Real Good

January 10, 2009 -

Today it was lame and rainy out so I hopped on the bike trainer. It has been rather lame here in Seattle the last week just dumping rain everyday. In fact, most of the western part of the state is flooded. I'm not a fairweather person but I have no desire to train in the rain. I guess I will have to get over that and give it a go at some point as the training gets real and the rain doesn't go away.

Until then I will continue to log the hours on the bike trainer. We are looking at some clear skies and sunshine this coming week so I am planning on getting the bike out on the open road. Got my legs all shaved up and ready to ride. What's the deal with the whole triathlete leg shaving thing anyway. I have heard it's just what you do to be part of the "club"....being real triathletes. I have also heard that you do it in case you crash on your bike to prevent infection and scarring? Either way, I have silky smooth legs just in time for some real bike riding. I'm so intense.

Day 10 Training Log - I got on the bike trainer today for one hour. I maintained about a 75% intensity the whole time while throwing in some hard resistance in one-minute intervals throughout the ride which was at 100%. It was a good hour ride, I felt tired afterwards and as usual go uber schwetty. Prior to the ride I warmed up with some abs and pushups. I did 4 x 15 on the perfect pushups, and 4 x 25 of the bosu elbow to knee crunches.


  1. Exactly how do you do the Bosu elbow to knee crunches?

  2. Lay with your lower back on the middle of the bosu, feet on the floor and hands behind your head elbows out to the side. As you sit up twist your torso and raise one knee connecting right elbow to left knee. Then alternate each situp left elbow to right knee repeat.