Monday, January 19, 2009

Slippin In a Quickie

January 19th, 2009 -

So today I wanted to go for a quick swim however, I was a little sore from yesterday's 8 mile run and series of 100 jump squats so the motivation was not high but I wanted to at least slip in a quickie.

I get to the gym and the pool as usual, is filled with people. Two swimmers in every lane and I did not have the time to wait. So, I went with some last minute modification. I stared with some abs and moved into the stair climber.

Not sure what it is about that stair climber machine, but that thing kicks me in the junk every time I get on it...which isn't very often. This is that monstrous machine with full set of rotating stairs. I always do the "fat burner" program because it is closest to interval training and because it kicks my butt. I would challenge anyone to try it on as high of level as they can stand for 20 minutes.

You will never be the same.

Day 19 Training Log - So today I was limited on time but wanted to work so I started with abs and did 4 x 25 of regular full situps (feet on the floor, no support), 4 x 25 of high leg lifts with high ab curl, and 4 x 25 of oblique twists with a 16lb medicine ball. From there I went to the stair climber machine and did 20 minutes of the "fat burner" program on level 14. I wanted to go 10 more minutes but fortunately did not have the I may have required medical attention. After 20 minutes at that level I was drenched in sweat, red-faced and out of breath. I look forward to continuing to add this into my cross training at higher levels for longer time.

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