Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weights Are Heavy

January 28, 2009 -

Today was a gym weights day. Because of the amount of cardio I have been doing, my two days a week of weights has slipped to one. I hope not to keep this trend because I am learning one thing very quickly....weights are heavy, and they keep getting heavier....bah.

I was not sore from yesterday's swim with those drag shorts but I must have been fatigued because I tried to do pullups...what a joke.

Oh well, still was a rad workout, good lift and my muscles can stay swoll for another week. I just know I will be getting that call to shoot my calendar soon?

Day 28 Training Log - Started with chest hitting the standard bench press for five sets consisting of 8 x 135, 8 x 175, 8 x 185, 6 x 190, and 6 x 190. I have been bumping up slightly each week here so hooray for that. I moved from there over to incline bench on the smith machine. That was two plates (90 lbs) at 4 x 8. This one was hard for me, guess I have a weak upper chest. After that I met my demise at the damn pullup. (Why are these things so hard for me?). I did four weak sets of full dead hang, closed-grip pullups consisting of 6, 5, 6, I mixed in some elevated bosu crunches on the off sets for 4 x 25. I tossed the bosu ball up on one of the box jump stands, placed feet on the floor, laid straight across the bosu and crunched up; those were hard. Finally, I did a squat into a dumbbell bicep curl with 30 pound dumbbells. On the off sets I mixed in a plank to pushup back to plank on the bosu ball for 4 x 10.

That was it, I felt pretty tired after today's workout. My arm muscles felt pretty fatigued. Oh, well, back at some more sweet cardio tomorrow.

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