Friday, January 2, 2009

Training...What Training

January 2, 2009 -

Interesting enough I'm approaching this Ironman from a self training standpoint. I imagine my swimming is strange and inefficient, my biking lacks the perfect cadence and pedal rotation, and my running, well that is the one thing I do so hopefully I'm good there. My friends are shelling out a lot of doe for professional coaching, nutrition plans, and threshold testing that I would like, but is a little beyond the financial commitment I want to make.

I got online and found a 20 week training program for first time Ironmaners that I am going to use. Based on that I officially start training per that program on February 1. I think until then I will stick to my usual regiment of biking, running, swimming and weight training usually four to five times a week in no particular order or timing but always at least an hour work out.

As far as nutrition no plans yet, I eat pretty healthy and take a few different nutritional supplements but am currently drinking way too much wine an beer. I will have to cut that back a ton as I get into more serious training. Funny how from mid-November basically through the new year is this downhill progression of binging, gluttony, and absence of exercise. Oh well, made it to the New Year all good now. I will be healthy and well trained again...until next November anyway.

Day 2 Training Log - I made it to the gym today, spent 30 minutes on the elliptical at level 14 which burned 500 calories. Then I transferred to the stationary bike and spent another 30 minutes varying from level 10 to 14 which burned me another 325 calories. All in all pretty easy workout however very, very schwetty! Scaled up and came in at 212 pounds. (I'm 6'4" tall). This is about 10 pounds heavier than when I was in half Ironman race shape this last summer. The holidays have been harder on me than I initially anticipated. I would like to get pretty lean again and hit 190 to 195.

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