Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Was Ruuunnning

January 29, 2009 -

I currently love the opportunity to wake up and train in whatever sport I feel like that day. As the "official training plan" start looms near with its strict schedule and its specific guidelines; I will miss my free-wheeling training days of doing whatever I want. For example, today I felt like was running....albeit Forrest Gump style.

I do have one beef with the gym though. I have mentioned in the past about this dope "cardio theater" that my Gold's Gym has. Full movie screen and surround sound packed with cardio equipment. The issue is this...running for long periods on a treadmill is hard enough as it is, however some rad movie like Predator, or Mission Impossible makes it go by so fast. So why, when I go in there today are they playing BS like that freakin Ya Ya Sisterhood! That is about the least motivating movie I could ever imagine running to.

I'm not trying to bag on sappy romantic comedies, or heart-felt dramas, but for a cardio theater I need motivating high action flicks or really great comedies. I ended up heading upstairs and running for what felt like and eternity watching my iPod Touch.

C'mon Gold's Gym cardio theater movie selection team....lets step it up a notch.

Day 29 Training Log - So it has been a bit since I did any sort of mileage in the run so I hit 90 minutes on the treadmill today at a medium pace which ended up being (according to the treadmill) about 12 miles and 1150 calories burnt. Why is it that treadmills feel like some horrible eternal fate that you cannot escape and will never end? Cannot wait to get a majority of my workouts back outdoors. Typical Seattle winter weather is finally coming back to usher in February which is on and off rain/drizzle and moderate 45 -50 degree temps. That means back outside....victory will be mine!

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