Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold Runnings

January 3, 2009 -

Why is it so hard to get motivated to run or bike in freezing temperatures? 34 degrees in Seattle today but it's clear and dry so I have to get out to run. In Seattle in the winter, no matter how cold, if it is dry you have to take your workout outside. As much as I hate running in the freezing cold I hate being trapped in the gym and stuck on the treadmill twice as much.

I have found in the last year however that all that fancy gear really makes a difference. I imagine I might look like some kind of robot super geek when I run with all the gear I wear, but I am comfortable, warm, and can track my progress.

The best thing I have found so far for running are my my CW-X performance tights. They are warm on those cold days (I wear them on the bike too), but they have these compression bands that criss-cross around the knees which makes a big difference. When I run with these tights my knees recover much quicker.

My other favorite things for cold weather running are my Nike lightweight running skullcap and lightweight running gloves. They are lightweight so you don't overheat once you warm up and they do a great job of wicking.

Day 3 Training Log - Went for a 5 mile run outside today. Came in at 37:48 which is an ok time for me, a little slow. This was one of those runs however that I had to fight the whole way, which was lame. It was 34 degrees out so to warm up prior to the run I did 4 x 15 of Perfect Pushups (they may reconsider calling it perfect when they see me do these), and 5 x 20 of Bosu ab crunches. I can't wait this this starts getting easier, I have a long road to haul. It always amazes me how quickly you can go from in great shape to blob.

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