Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rock Out With Your Fat Out

January 6, 2009 -

So today was my day off which was sweet however I haven't been back at it quite long enough to feel like I wanted to take a day off. Oh well, I took the extra time and did a bunch of nothing useful.

What I was curious about today was getting burned out by this whole Ironman training. By training six days a week getting progressively harder and longer as well as eating healthy and talking about this everyday when do you get tired of it?

What I'm hoping for is rather than that you see your results, wherein lies the motivation to move forward. I'm hoping my physique changes, my stamina and ability changes and the progression of continual awesomeness propels me to Ironman greatness and not over-trained lameness.

As in the past, I believe a there will need to be a couple smaller races scheduled leading up to the big day to test your training, current status, and give you momentum to keep going. Not sure what those will be yet, however I'm certain that will be a point of contention at the house as the surmounting cost of Ironman races, gear, and the time to train are already at the negotiated limit.

Day 6 Training Log - Day off! I didn't do squat in the way of working out....unless you count cranking up some sweet tunes and dancing around the living room with my kids for 20 minutes. If that counts than I am the winner....at rocking out with my fat out.

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