Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's Like The Wind

January 14, 2009 -

I wanted to take advantage of the dry weather and get outside on my bike since I have only taken it out twice since getting it a month ago and those were really just test rides. So, I got all suited up for a cold ride and hit the road. I did a 25 mile loop around Lake Sammamish which, I have never done before.

Couple things....I love the new bike. She's like the wind (I figure it will be a she since we'll be spending so much time together). The bike is fun, fast, and easy...(that's what she said). The only thing about today's was a balmy 37 degrees out. First half was nice but the last half was this serious, freezing headwind.

I never realized how cold I actually was until I got back and started to thaw except most of my parts stayed frozen. Then that tingly feeling. You know the one you get in your fingers and toes as they go from frozen to "back to life". All in all, out of all three disciplines, I will be spending the most time on the bike and so it was an encouraging ride just getting used to it and getting back to feeling all those little cranks and muscles that only come from laying down on the bars and hauling. Gonna make a few tweaks and get back out there.

Day 14 Training Log - So obivously I hit the road. Left my office and did a 25 mile bike ride around lake Sammamish. The ride took 1:24. This was not a great time but was slowed by just getting into riding and a myriad of lights in the beginning and midpoint of the ride. It will be fun to continue this ride and track the time improvement.

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