Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prep It Out

January 31, 2009 -

So I took a rest today after five solid days of workouts. As I mentioned yesterday, we have the in-laws in town and I was more than willing to take it easy today and just enjoy a small break. However, I couldn't let the whole day go by with out doing something triathlon related. I mean c'mon, Ironman is serious business. So, in preparation for a bike trainer ride tomorrow, I converted my garage into a home movie theater.

I hung up a projector screen from the ceiling, precisely placed a projector, made a place for my laptop to connect, and set up the surround sound speakers....aaaahhhhhh yyeeeeaaaahhh....gonna be dope! Tomorrow I've planned a long trainer ride and wanted to do it in style, and yes......this should work.

So for the rest of this day, I will enjoy my lack of exertion and prepare to earn my Super Bowl indulgence with my long trainer ride tomorrow.

Day 31 Training Log - Today I worked really hard at doing nada! A day off is a much welcomed experience that deserves as much attention as a week of working out. Back at it tomorrow.

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