Friday, January 30, 2009

I Lift, Therefore I am

January 30, 2009 -

I'm fairly certain I will not get the two days of weight training a week I want, once "the plan" starts on Monday so I decided to throw a second day in this week....because I could.....and the rest of the muscles (legs mostly) were a little tired, so that seemed easiest.

I have been feeling a little fatigued all week after a 90 minute bike/run on Monday, a 2200 yard swim in drag shorts on Tuesday, a hard total body weight workout on Wednesday, a 90 minute run on Thursday and then another weight and abs workout today.

It is definitely time to start stepping up my nutrition, protein, and recovery supplements. I will get more into that stuff as the blog goes on, because, these are the days of our blogs....hahahahaha. Anyway, what I will start taking now is L-Glutamine three times a day, in times of heavy training.

It seems as in times of heavy training, L-Glutamine can help your muscles heal and recover more quickly and I can attest to that. Last summer when I was training a lot and I did my two 70.3 Ironmans within a four weeks of each other I was taking it daily and never had any issues with being sore, fatigued or anything else.

I have plenty of other things I like to add to my diet which, I will start talking about more as we move into the official training starting next stay just might learn something new....or at least different. And, if you know of something better, or more effective as I talk about this stuff, please let me know....I am still self trained and taught and always looking for advice and insight don't know what you don't know.

Day 30 Training Log - Today I hit the weights. I started with abs, which was 4 x 25 of regular situps, 4 x 25 of leg-lifts with an extra extension on the high lift, and 4 x 25 of oblique twists with a 25lb plate. From there I moved to combo sets of bicep curls with 70lb curl bar for 4 x 25 mixed on the off sets with rows that were 4 x 10 of 142lbs. After that I moved to shoulders and triceps which were continuous sets of 4 x 10 at 17.5lbs of side raises then 4 x 10 at 17.5lbs of front raises and then 4 x 10 at 42lbs of straight-bar tricep pulldowns. After that I called it a day. I was not interested in working out at all today however, I knew I should....especially going into the super bowl weekend with.......the in-laws in town.

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