Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pull-Ups - Arch Nemesis

January 13, 2009 -

So back at it, another day at the gym. Today was a weight day. Going on thirteen days since the revolution and I was not out of shape but I definitely had lost a lot of where I was when I peaked this summer doing the half Ironman's.

However, I was inspired today as I really worked hard at the gym and realized it's all coming back. My strength is building quickly, and my cardio and endurance is returning. It was a bright moment that as daunting a task as Ironman training, it does get easier and you are always happy with where you have come from.

Until then, there is one thing that I HATE HATE HATE and yet continue to punish myself with and that would be the pullup. About two years ago I decided I should do some pullups because that is what guys should be able to do. I get up there...hang...and....nothing. I can't even do one pullup from a dead hang.

So I make it my focus building up over two years to four sets of 10 wide-grip pullups each time going down to a dead hang. Then I take some time off and now......suck. It is like death or what I imagine death to feel like. So I am working back up and will one day get to my goal of four sets of 15....but not today.

Day 13 Training Log - Another weight workout day and went for the total body thing. Started on the bench press hitting 4 x 10 at 185. Then moved to incline bench doing single arm raises at 50lbs for 4 x 10. Then moved to closed grip pullups for four sets of 10, 9, 8, 6. I mixed the pullups on the offsets with a series of jump squats cradling a 16lb pound medicine ball followed with 10 lunges to knee raises on a stability block and cradling a 16lb medicine ball. That was four sets of 30 (10 jump squats, and 10 lunges each leg). After that moved to straight-armed lat pull-downs at 50lbs for 4 x 12 alternating with elevated leg raises for 4 x 30 which, sucked...destroyed the abs.

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