Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

January 8, 2009 -

Spin spin spin, ohh you dirty little spin class you. Not sure what the general consensus from real triathletes is on adding spin classes into your training but I really like them. I always work harder for that hour than if I am on my trainer or on the stationary bike.

I do wonder however, why is it that I am the guy sitting in the puddle of sweat? Good lord does spin class ever make me, I know. I usually always incorporate a spin class into a brick workout either going from there into running or swimming for a minimum of 20 more minutes.

One thing I did notice today is that my cardio has improved significantly in just over a week......I comin back baby! Gonna shoot for 25mi bike to 6mi run brick in the next week or two.

Day 8 Training Log - Today was my first intense cardio workout in a bit. I did a one-hour spin class at the gym which focused on hill work and seated resistance. I pushed at about 90-100% for the whole hour. From there I went straight to the treadmill for a three-mile run at a 7:30 pace. Good hard workout today, felt dope but I was worked afterward, and did I mention, mucho sweaty.

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