Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweat It Out

January 26, 2009 -

So after the last two days off traveling I was definitely ready to get my sweat on today. You know those days...the ones when you need nothing more than to just work hard, and sweat. That was today, I wanted to get into the gym and just hit cardio hard for a bit.

And....sweat I did. Dripping off the Under Armour shirt and draining from the bill of my Nike dri-fit hat. Lil bikey...lil felt awesome. I was instantly revived. It's hard when you start to train an work out like this because you start craving it. Two days off felt like an eternity and I was only thinking about getting back to the gym today so I could work hard.

Now, I'm sure this may change at I get further into Ironman training and I start to get exhausted and burnt out....but for now....I want to work!

Day 26 Training Log - So as I mentioned, I just wanted to put some time in today and sweat it out. I started on the stationary bike for 55 minutes of interval training. I did medium resistance to hard resistance alternating every three minutes. I am seeing the most improvement so far on this exercise as each week I have done this I have bumped up both the high and low level resistance two notches each time and still keeping the same pace and distance for the time. After 55 mins on the bike I moved over to a med-pace run on the treadmill for 25 mins. After that I was not exhausted, mostly just bored so I called it a day. Cannot wait to get back outside to train....(today was 27 degrees in the am....bah).

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