Friday, January 16, 2009

Attn. Swimmers...Drowning Prohibited

January 16, 2009 -

Back in the pool today, second time since my 600 yard disgrace earlier in the week. Today was a much more solid performance. I swam twice as long and felt pretty solid. I could feel different aspects of technique starting to come back.

A buddy gave me a pair of shorts to try out that cause extra drag and wow....they work. I swam 600 yards with them on and then, pulled them off to see the difference. After I swam with them off, it felt like I was gliding through the water (in a non-graceful way of course). I liken it to training with ankle weights of a weight vest.

With everyday I am starting to crave more cardio and longer workouts, so.... I guess that is good. Victory is eminent!

Day 16 Training Log - Today I hit the poolio and swam 1200 yards. 600 yards of which were in a Speedo Drag Suit. As soon as I took that thing off I could tell and immediate difference. So the swim was a 600 yard warm-up including 300 freestyle, 200 arms only freestyle using a leg floaty, and 100 on the kickboard. Then I went for straight 400 freestyle, then 100 hard arms only and 100 freestyle hard. After 1200 yards I was done in the pool but wanted to get a little more cardio in so I hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a medium pace. Good day, felt solid.

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