Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Willy - Why I Love Tri

January 12, 2009 -

Yes people, today was my triumphant return to the pool! As in any triathlon, swimming is a 1/3 must so sure enough...I swim. Swimming is why I love triathlon. Any person can be great at ONE of the triathlon disciplines but you sure get humbled when you figure out how bad you suck at the others.

I can run forever. Crank out a 12 to 15 mile run, no problem. I swam today for 20 minutes and thought my lungs were bleeding. Geesh, how quickly it goes away. I was in shape, swimming 1.2 miles in September and today I left the pool before a half Oh well, again, the reason I love triathlon. You get your but kicked everytime you switch sports and train each discipline. It never lets you be complacent or happy with where you are in that sport. It forces you to try harder, to try for more, and to expect better of yourself, because every time you think you have it nailed, you find more weakness and you must continue to push.

So anyway, back to the whole pool re-submergence thing. I'm guessing if Michael Phelps had a mini-me , that would be me in the pool today. You know, that special little guy that everyone on the sides of the pool is hoping and cheering that they won't drown...that's me. I loved getting my butt kicked today though. It made me realize how much I missed swimming and how important it is to my training. I will definitely be spending more time in the pool.

Day 12 Training Log - So back in the pool today. I started with 100 yard of freestyle, 100 of kickboard, 100 of arms only freestyle. Then went to 300 yards of freestyle. It was quite humbling. I had hoped to do more but just didn't have it. I think it was a combo of tired arms and back from yesterday's weights and that whole "not in the pool since September" thing. More pool to come. After the pool I still wanted more cardio so I changed and hit 10 minutes on the rowing machine (first time ever, but been wanting to try...not impressed), and hit 10 more minutes at a 7-minute pace on the treadmill. Called it a day after that...pool did me in.

--PS - My wife got a flat tire (on her rather large SUV) today so I valiantly drove to change it for her. that 20....maybe 25 minutes I was sweating like crazy? Hmmmm, how do I interpret that?


  1. You don't sweat that much for a fat guy :)

  2. Good thing fat is a "relative" thing... get it - relative? :>)